The nio System

A complete system for controlling your smartphone and enhancing your world. nio system virtually chains your smartphone to a nio Tag to prevent your device and other valuables from going missing. The nio Tag is a Bluetooth accessory that can be attached to almost any belonging you wish to keep with you. Your device and the nio Tag act like a buddy system and alarm if they become separated. Protecting your valuables is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

nio System nio Tag nio App iPhone/iPad
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Protection is as easy as 1. Buy nio Tag 2. Download nio App 3. Connect App on Device to nio

nio 'Buddy' System

The nio Tag and the nio App work together like a buddy system to protect your device and other valuable belongings. The nio Tag uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect wirelessly to your device creating a wireless chain. The nio’s settings and features are accessed using the nio App that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad from the App store for free. A nio Premium App can also be purchased at the App Store to take advantage of additional security features.

Protect your Smartphone

Carry your nio or clip the nio onto something you carry most often like your keys, as a means of protecting your Smartphone. If your device becomes separated from you and the tag, they both alarm alerting you before it goes missing.


Protect your valuables

The nio can be attached to whatever item you carry most often that you are worried might get lost or stolen. Use the clip or lanyard included to attach nio Tag to your keys, camera, laptop, purse, briefcase and if they become separated from your device, both the nio and your device will alarm to alert you. Download the nio Premium App to protect up to 3 valuables using 3 nios with one device.

Distance Settings

You have a wide range of options for how far your phone can go before nio sends out a notification warning you of something left behind. Whether you'd prefer an alert at 2 feet away or 20 feet, when nio leaves your side you are protected.



Not only does an alarm ring out from both the nio and your smartphone itself, but it can be set to vibrate as well. nio also provides the ability customize the alarm with your own attention-grabbing tones.

Easy to Use

The setup of nio involves a flick of the on-switch of your companion, a quick download of the app via the Apple Store, and a click of the "Locate nio" that pops up after download. Done.



At 10 grams, the nio companion is anything but clunky. It's simple design allows it to mirror the look of your modern smartphone without weighing you down.


If you're forgetful to begin with, chances are you don't need another accessory to remember to charge. The nio eliminates that daily task by holding to to a 3 month charge.


Anti-Theft Option

If you're in a situation where you aren't able to pay immediate attention to your items (ex. taking a nap, studying) the option is available to have the nio sound as soon as it is touched or moved.

Private Data Protection

From confidential e-mails to credit card information, a smartphone acts as a users portable storage unit. Without nio, your personal info is always at risk of falling into the wrong hands.


Upgrade Abilities

Less is more when it comes to design of the nio but more is more when it comes to what it can offer you! When upgrading to the Premium nio bundle, even more benefits and features are packed into the useful unit.

Personalized Packaging

With a plain white face, the nio is just begging to have your company logo emblazoned on it! Purchase nio companions in bulk to ensure your employees personal items and information are protected at all times. Contact us here to learn more about customizing and special rates.